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Progressing sustainable forestry in Russia


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The Boreal Forest Platform (BFP) is an open exchange platform for forestry companies and forest management authorities operating within the Boreal forests of Russia. Other stakeholders across the forestry supply chain such as buyers and investors, public and non-governmental organisations interested in the preservation of forest related ecological and social forest values are also encouraged to join the platform.
Launched in May 2015, the BFP aims to provide support to the relevant role-players and stakeholders in the Russian boreal forestry sector to achieve a balance between timber industry development and the protection of high conservation values of forests.

Another focus of the platform is to facilitate the transition to sustainable intensive forestry in Russia, using the knowledge and experience of local forestry companies and management organisations. The Platform aims to achieve this through encouraging and maintaining a dialogue among all stakeholders; developing proposals and initiatives for improving the legislation necessary for the transition to intensive forestry; setting socio-economic and environmental priorities and their combination on the basis of landscape planning.

The main idea
Achieving a balance between timber industry development and protection of high conservation values of forests.

Goals of Boreal forest platform

The BFP aim to:
• contribute to the transformation of boreal forests into a sustainable source of valuable wood, harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while maintaining biodiversity, ecosystem functions and integrity of forest ecosystems, social and cultural values of forests;
• achieve significant changes in the legal and regulatory framework to ensure the transition to sustainable forest management and to start the process of transition to its practical implementation;
• introduce the motivating mechanisms for businesses and protection guarantees for investments in the forest sector;
• create conditions for increasing employment and improving the socio-economic development of rural and forest areas of the regions.

Resolution of the seminar in Komi on 5-7 October 2015



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