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Progressing sustainable forestry in Russia


Why take part in the Boreal platform?

The participation in the Boreal platform will make to possible for you to:
Why take part in the Boreal platform?
The participation in the Boreal platform will make to possible for you to:
• participate in meetings and study tours to exchange experience in the field of sustainable intensive forestry;
• share your experience and achievements in the field of intensive forestry with other professionals in the sector;
• get access to the necessary information and support for making your transition to sustainable intensive forestry;
• participate in opinion forming in the professional environment about the development directions of intensive and sustainable forestry in Russia;
• participate in the development of proposals of legislation frameworks that can support sustainable intensive forestry in Russia;
• initiate and support research and practical projects on development of intensive and sustainable forestry;
• demonstrate your company’s environmental and social responsibility.

The Boreal forest platform is supported by:

• World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
• The Silver Taiga Foundation for Sustainable Development
• Mondi
• Stora Enso
• Cherepovetsles
• Solikamskbumprom
• Ilim Group
• Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute
• FSC Russia (Forest Stewardship Council®)*
• The Ministry for the Environment and Ecology of the Republic of Karelia
• Institute of Forest named after V.N.Sukachev
• Segezha Group
• The Department of Timber Complex of the Vologda Oblast
• Forestry Department, The Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Komi Republic
• Forest Certification, LLC
• Environmental Management & Biodiversity Conservation Institute , Baikal State University
• International Paper
• Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Altaiski Krai
• Forestry Administration of Adygea
• Ministry of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Region
• JSC “Syktyvkar Tissue Group”
• NEPCon
• LesPromInform



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*Individual license code for WWF-Russia FSC-N002777

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