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Progressing sustainable forestry in Russia

International Workshop “Boreal Forests in a Changing Climate”, June 23, 2017, Edinburgh

A session of The Boreal Forest Platform ‘Boreal Forests in a changing climate’ has been held on June 23 as a part of New Generation Plantations Annual Encounter. Forest experts from all over the world, representatives of environmental NGOs, state bodies and scientific community attended the international workshop in Edinburgh.

Workshop participants prepared the recommendations on promotion of further dialog between the boreal countries on the basis of the Boreal Forest Platform. It was highlighted during the discussion that extensive educational and practical work are essential both on global and regional levels.

The current issues for The Boreal Forest Platform include identification of priorities for global cooperation, informing wide audience about threats to boreal forests and promotion of the sustainable forestry agenda and its best practices across the boreal zone. Competent presentation and coverage of current problems of forest management in boreal zone on global level and sharing lessons learned along with the work on practical cases within the regions allows to introduce best sustainable forestry practices and protect high conservation values of forests in all boreal countries.

Please find below the recommendations of the workshop participants.

Participants’ Recommendations

NGP 2017 Session /

NGP 2017 Session /

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